Nigerian Coalition for the International Criminal Court - NCICC is a coalition of civil society organizations, human rights defenders and activist who are committed to promoting:

  • The understanding and awareness in Nigeria of the statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) also known as the "Rome Statute of the ICC". The ICC is the first major international justice mechanism set up to address massive or deplorable cases of violations of human rights and humanitarian laws, especially war crimes, crime against humanity and genocide.
  • Promote the domestication of the statute of the ICC in Nigeria so that the Nigeria’s criminal laws would be in agreement with the standards under the Statute.
  • Encourage the Nigerian government to fulfill and respect its treaty obligations under the Statute, including cooperation with the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  • Training on the domestic application of the Statute in Nigeria targeting the police, judicial officers, prosecutors, lawyers, journalists’, human rights activists, etc
  • Monitoring and documenting cases of massive violations of human rights in Nigeria in order to identify the victims and the perpetrators.
  • Generally, to fight Impunity in Nigeria by demanding that those who commit violations of human rights and humanitarian laws are investigated and prosecuted, and where applicable, at the ICC.

For more information on the coalition, please send SMS to (234) (0) 8036913264


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